Wednesday, September 26, 2012

How Does Agribusiness Consolidation Create Opportunities for Investors?

Investors considering agriculture plays have many investment opportunities and vehicles to choose from – and these days, it seems as though investments in everything from seeds to farmland to technology are in play. One of the biggest activity drivers in the agriculture market will be industry and agribusiness consolidation, according to industry insiders.

Harvest Begins
Harvest Begins (Photo: TumblingRun)
As many multinationals become more aggressive with their own investing arms, there’s an increasing blurriness between R&D and M&A – creating a huge opportunity for those considering PE or VC plays in the space.

At AgReturn Global Investments this November, agriculture investing heavyweights will dissect this market activity and discuss their strategies and investments, from idea to exit. Entrepreneurs and investors will get a look into what the investing arms of Syngenta and BASF are looking for, and managers can get the inside scoop on sales to multinationals, such as the deal between MCN BioProducts and Bunge.

If you want to grow your agriculture portfolio’s value and make a splash in this burgeoning asset class, there’s just one place to be: AgReturn Global Investments. Register now to secure your spot.


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