Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Is Regulation Keeping You Up At Night?

News outlets have been filled with articles on the settlement that hedge fund legend Steve Cohen recently reached with the SEC. The settlement which has been called historic by the likes of USA Today is just another example of the regulators push to go after “the bad guys” in wake of the Madoff fraud back in 2008.

Has Wall Street or better yet the hedge fund industry fallen off a cliff or is this just another example of things to come in this area of the capital markets?

It is clear that going after bad guys is something the SEC is focused on. There has not been a lack of headlines about funds that have done wrong by the markets.

Be that as it may, the irony is that the media never tries to find the “inside information” of what Hedge Funds have to do to comply with SEC guidelines. 

The hedge fund industry is constantly evolving both onshore and off, working to create and implement better systems, policies and procedures to comply with the ever changing regulation landscape. A recently published study by Credit Suisse found that hedge fund investors believe that constant regulatory constraints is one of the biggest threats to the industry.

In summary, the Hedge Fund industry is clearly listening to both the regulators and the investors but implementation and adoption of policies and procedures takes time. The question is… will it be fast enough for the regulators?

-The IIR Alternatives Team
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