Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Evolving Hedge Fund Industry

USA flag at half-mast during Memorial Day. The...
USA flag at half-mast during Memorial Day. The flag is located at the National World War 2 Memorial in Washington, D.C. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This week like most others in the first five months of year, the news about the future of the hedge fund industry has been, well a bit confusing.

There are stories of consolidation and closures as well as comments about the need for more regulation as hedge funds were blamed for the losses amassed by the London Whale.

Good bad and indifferent were elements found in many if not all of the coverage about the hedge fund industry in the last seven days.

Well here is what we think; the industry is in transition. As we conduct our research into where the industry is headed in an effort to provide the most relevant and thought provoking programs, we continue to here both positive and negative comments about the hedge fund industry.

Our view is that many, both in and outside of the hedge fund industry, are working hard to find answers that will generate returns in these extremely volatile markets while working within the ever changing parameters set out by the powers that be.

Over the next few months it’s sure bet that the changes will continue during this time, it’s very important to stay focused on where the industry is heading. Our programs will deal with these issues head on - missing them is something you don’t want to do. To learn more about what we are doing in alternatives click here .

As the Memorial Day holiday weekend approaches, we wanted to remind all of you to enjoy the time away from the office with family and friends – the things that matter most. Stay tuned because the coverage is only getting better.


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